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Donald Trump encourages Russia to hack Hillary Clinton

Donald Trump appeared to call on Russian hackers Wednesday to find 30,000 of Hillary Clinton's deleted emails, adding a stunning twist to the uproar over Moscow's alleged intervention in the presidential election

From Kellogg’s to Unilever, a quiet revolution in sustainable farming

Randy Miller farms about 1,000 acres of corn, soybeans and hay in Iowa’s corn belt, where this time of year shoulder-high plants stretch for hundreds of miles.

Could ‘free movement for scientists’ preserve EU funding access?

The UK should consider whether it could retain access to European research funding post-Brexit by allowing freedom of movement for scientists but not the rest of the population, a conference heard.

Helping Cal State students get on track

About 100 students from California State University, Los Angeles are studying at Rio Hondo College (RHC) this month to complete basic skills courses under the auspices of a two-year, $2-million grant to the community college district.

Rio 2016: Russian drug cheats will still be at Olympics, say whistleblowers

Russian drug cheats will be competing at next month's Olympic Games despite efforts to eradicate them, say the whistleblowers who highlighted the country's state-sponsored doping.

Peer review system ‘leads to good research going unpublished’

The first experiment to fully model the dynamics of academia’s fiercely competitive peer review system has concluded that it increases creative diversity and innovation.......