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Calling all value creators, futurists and change agents

By any definition, 2017 was a tumultuous year, so I was pleased (and not at all surprised) to see BSR kick off 2018 with a new report: Redefining Sustainable Business, which showcases how sustainability is implemented inside companies.

Judge attacks professor’s ‘flawed and irresponsible’ evidence

A judge has accused a university professor of “diminishing the importance of the role of an expert witness” after he allegedly plagiarised others’ work in court and made assertions “without any basis in research or fact”.

Boom in college certificate programs raises concerns about oversight

Professional certificates expedite job training and are a booming business for institutions like Sinclair Community College, where certificates last year made up more than 60 percent of the academic credentials awarded by the school.

Fake applications ‘reveal anti-Asian discrimination in academia’

Academics need to ask themselves whether they discriminate against overseas scholars on the basis of their home country, according to a researcher who found evidence of a “caste system” in global academia.