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Senate Passes Tax Bill With Major Implications for Higher Ed

Legislation would tax largest private college endowments, create new cost burdens for business unrelated to educational mission and could put new strains on state budgets that fund public universities.

Critical consciousness: black female academics tell their stories

At a time when the female voice is being heard speaking out about many forms of abuse, Deborah Gabriel insists that the experiences of black women also need to be given a platform.

Dow, University of Michigan on driving sustainability education

Sustainability leaders of tomorrow must navigate complex systems and collaborate across disciplines to address some of the world’s most pressing challenges. Are we as a society prepared?

Climate Connection: Unraveling the Surprising Ecology of Dust

As droughts intensify and development expands, the amount of dust blowing around the earth is increasing, affecting everything from mountain snowmelt to the spread of disease.

Column Starts a Culture War

Texas State's president calls an opinion piece published by the student newspaper "racist." Others have demanded the paper's funding be pulled. Minority students defend the publication and say their views are being squelched.