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Gold or green? Elsevier proposes regional open access model

Elsevier has proposed a shift towards regional models of open access publishing, warning that there is no international consensus over which subscription-free approach works best.

US universities ‘must face up to skills and equality challenges’

With all their wealth, prestige and history, America’s top universities still lead a sector struggling to expand success for lower-income and ethnic minority students, or to provide their graduates with career-ready skills.

Sessions condemns ‘political correctness’ on campus

Attorney General Jeff Sessions condemned what he derided as political correctness gone wild on university campuses across the U.S., but especially the University of California, Berkeley.

Seabed mining can decide the fate of the deep ocean

At the International Seabed Authority’s ocean-side headquarters, delegates from dozens of countries strolled through breezeways adorned with the works of Jamaican artists as the United Nations-chartered organization’s annual meeting began its second week.