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Claims that reproducibility crisis ‘overblown’ spark debate

The narrative of a “reproducibility crisis” in science has been overblown, according to a researcher whose claims have sparked fresh debate among scholars about the reliability of academic studies.

Tenure Under Threat in Kentucky

Late addition to budget bill would allow dismissal of tenured professors due to program changes or eliminations, ending protections previously adopted by college boards. Move comes as tenure rights are eroding elsewhere.

Asian Americans think an elite college degree will shelter them from discrimination. It won’t

College admissions season is here. In the coming weeks, millions of high school seniors will receive letters of acceptance or rejection. They will then have a few more weeks to choose which school to attend.

College financial aid for unauthorized immigrants? It could happen in N.J.

State lawmakers changed the rules five years ago to allow immigrants living in the country illegally to pay in-state tuition at New Jersey's colleges and universities.