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Florida’s flagship university opens a food pantry for students in need

During his freshman year at the University of Florida, Logan Ham’s parents went through a messy divorce. Money that was supposed to go to Logan’s expenses ended up going to lawyers.

Indian students lured by recruiters asked to leave university

An aggressive campaign to recruit graduate students from India to study at Western Kentucky University has ended badly, with more than one-third of the students asked to leave the program after their first semester,

Students at US for-profit colleges see ‘decline in earnings and rise in debt’

Students who enroll in certificate, associate and bachelor's programs at for-profit colleges and universities generally see a decline in earnings (and typically greater debt) five or six years after attendance, compared to their earnings before enrollment, according to a study.

U.S. Supreme Court lets Google advertising class action suit proceed

The U.S. Supreme Court on Monday let stand a lower court's decision to allow a class action lawsuit against Google Inc to proceed regarding claims that the company deceived California advertisers about the placement of Internet ads through its Adwords service.

The Chinese lawyer who had his clothes ripped off in court

Plenty of Chinese lawyers have been harassed, detained, even jailed in China but the photograph of one with his clothes reportedly torn off him by police has drawn plenty of attention in China.