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Colleges urge some to stay put amid Trump’s travel ban

A revised travel ban issued by the White House no longer applies immigrants with valid visas, but area university officials are advising students from the six countries named in the executive order to play it safe.

Russia targets soft power, not money, from international students

Russia is recruiting international students to strengthen its “soft power” in former Soviet states rather than gaining any significant income from foreign enrolments, a study suggests.

Save the Data: Hackers work to save research in Trump era

Volunteer coders and researchers recently convened at Yale University, joining a grass roots Data Rescue movement to save and protect the U.S. government's digital records they fear could vanish under Pres. Trump.

Relatives seek truth about Irish babies ‘discarded like litter’

Peter Mulryan's little sister may lie buried among the bones of babies and toddlers found in the sewers of what was once a home for unmarried mothers in the Irish town of Tuam, but he wants to know for sure.

University of Iowa professor pitches new funding model

With Iowa’s public universities scrambling to cut millions from their budgets after massive pullbacks in state support, one University of Iowa professor is pitching a new funding and governance model for the Board of Regents institutions that would give them more autonomy.