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How Obama-Trump Transition Could Affect Higher Ed

Donald Trump provided relatively few clues to what he might do as president, but he'll probably try to reverse some of President Obama's priorities, rolling back regulations, creating new political opening for for-profit colleges and curtailing collective bargaining rights.

Teach students academic writing or endanger degree completion: study

Universities should make it a priority to equip graduate students with academic writing skills or they run the risk of greater numbers failing to complete master’s courses and PhDs, according to the author of new research.

First-year doctors may be allowed to work 24-hour shifts

The organization that oversees the training of young doctors recommended Friday that first-year physicians in hospitals be allowed to work 24-hour shifts — eight hours longer than they are permitted now.

Sustainability voices react to Donald Trump’s victory

Don't kill the messenger; Twitter channeled plenty of political poison in the 2016 presidential contest, but it also served as an organizing platform and a therapeutic outlet on a global scale.

Voters could legalize marijuana for quarter of all Americans

Nearly a quarter of Americans will live in areas where recreational marijuana use is legal if voters approve initiatives on Tuesday permitting the recreational use of cannabis in California, Massachusetts and three other states.