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DeVos lauds colleges for flexibility, innovation

In her first public event addressing higher education, U.S. Education Secretary Betsy DeVos lauded community colleges for their flexibility, innovation and the myriad roles they play in their communities.

Tsinghua University rejects foreign student admission criticism

Tsinghua University has denied suggestions the university's new system of admission for international applicants has made it easier for foreign students to get a chance to study in the university

W.V. seeks to incentivize college graduation rates

Educators at institutions of higher learning once told incoming freshmen at their orientation to look to the person standing to the left of them — then to look at the person standing to their right.

New formula aims to stop ‘unfair’ credit for research

Scholars who publish research with hundreds of co-authors should receive no more than one-third of the current credit they get for such papers, according to a proposed formula designed to eradicate “gift authorship”.