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College teaches veterans to heal each others’ mental wounds

Former U.S. Army Specialist Tara Barney will never forget the 2013 night when a fellow soldier cried as he described holding a dying friend in his arms, a wartime memory he had not shared with anyone.

Dutch business school rocked by criticism of its links to Shell

A row has broken out in the Netherlands over a contract between one of the country’s top business schools and Royal Dutch Shell that appears to give the oil company influence over curricula and admissions.

Journals’ statistics rules ‘help tackle reproducibility crisis’

Academic journals may be able to help tackle science’s reproducibility crisis by issuing guidelines on the use of statistics in papers submitted for publication, researchers say.

UK and Australia explore post-Brexit bilateral research fund

Australian and British universities are exploring the possibility of setting up a bilateral research fund and a reciprocal visa for academic talent as the UK leaves the European Union.

German Universities oppose plan to compete on teaching quality

German universities have emphatically rejected a proposal that they fear could mean competing for funding on the basis of their teaching quality, but the plan is not off the table.