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Anti-terror laws ‘to blame for campus free speech concerns’

The government’s own enforcement of anti-terror strategy Prevent is responsible for a perceived “chilling” of free speech on university campuses, the former leader of the House of Lords has warned.

Trump tells Seoul he’s open to talks with North Korea

President Donald Trump expressed openness to holding talks between the United States and North Korea during a call with South Korean President Moon Jae-in on Wednesday, the latest of Trump's forays into inter-Korean relations.

This solar startup wants to help you and your business kick the water bottle habit

The explosion of commercial and residential rooftop solar photovoltaic installations over the past five years has created serious mindshare for distributed energy technologies.

Study finds more evidence of state school ‘advantage’ in degrees

Further evidence of comprehensive school students’ “significant advantage” that makes it more likely that they get a good degree from a UK university compared with similar students from private schools is presented by a new study.

Colorado hits lowest renewables and storage bids to date

The growing attractiveness of the U.S. renewables sector was again underlined last week, as a new analysis detailed how wind and solar projects in Colorado are set to undercut the cost of existing coal power even when storage costs are included.