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Charlie Hebdo attack: Why Western satire especially riles some nations and groups

The attacks on satire magazine Charlie Hebdo in France and 'The Interview' film lampooning North Korea are proportional to how vulnerable those being mocked feel, say experts.

Kaplan to refund federal financial aid under settlement with U.S.

Kaplan Higher Education (“Kaplan”), a leading for-profit education company with campuses located throughout the country, will pay roughly $1.3 million under a civil settlement with the United States Department of Justice.

Beyond Pistorius: Rise of ‘cyberathletes’ could change sport as we know it

Andy Lewis' dream died when he was 16. Just out of school, the Englishman had been accepted for an elite traineeship with the army when he was hit by a truck, which resulted in most of his left leg being amputated.