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What’s fundamentally reshaping business? Look to high school chemistry

The global business context appears to be on the cusp of fundamental changes in expectations — of stakeholders and, in some parts of the world, of governments and regulators.

English university finances on ‘unsustainable trajectory’

The finances of English universities are “weakening”, with the future trend towards lower surpluses and record borrowing “unsustainable”, according to England’s funding council.

Education Department beefs up accreditation

The Department of Education unveiled a slate of executive actions it's taking to beef up accountability in the higher education accreditation system, which Education Secretary Arne Duncan said is filled with "watchdogs that don't bite."

Climate change could create 100 million poor, over half a billion homeless

Rising sea levels from unchecked carbon emissions could drive more than 100 million people into extreme poverty and submerge the homes of over half a billion, two new reports say.