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A Plan to Kill High School Transcripts …and Transform College Admissions

More than 100 elite private high schools aim to replace traditional transcripts with competency-based, nonstandardized documents -- with no grades. They plan to expand to public high schools, with goal of completely changing how students are evaluated.

Students Don’t Always Recognize Good Teaching, Study Finds

Effective teaching has a lasting impact on students but is rarely recognized in their course evaluations, according to an analysis, released on Tuesday, of nearly 340,000 mathematics students at the University of Phoenix.

After Outcry Over Rejected Grants, DeVos Forbids Formatting Rules

Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos and her department faced public criticism following news reports that the department had flat-out rejected dozens of colleges’ Upward Bound grant applications based on minor line-spacing and font-size errors.

Tech challenger universities lead the way on industry links

The major problem faced by higher education in the developed world – particularly the West – in the past decade has been adapting to the erosion of public funding as governments, both regional and national, face a cash crisis.

Holy Cross College told to produce plan to get out of financial hole

Facing financial pressures, like some other small liberal arts colleges across the country, Holy Cross College has been ordered by an accrediting agency to develop a four-year plan to get out from under increasing yearly borrowing and the need to eliminate positions during the summer to balance its budget.