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The rise of the affluent Muslim traveller

Muslims are predicted to make up almost one in three of the world's population by 2025, and increasing numbers of well-heeled, well-educated Muslims are already seeking out goods and services that meet their needs - not only at home, but also when they travel.

Dozens of plagiarism incidents are reported in Coursera’s free online courses

Students taking free online courses offered by the startup company Coursera have reported dozens of incidents of plagiarism, even though the courses bear no academic credit.

New academic misconduct laws may not be adequate to curb cheating

New laws to clamp down on academic cheating at China’s universities could come into effect later this year as the rampant problems of plagiarism, falsification, lying about credentials and research papers and other misconduct continue unabated in higher education.

Infiniti to offer a cordless electric car in 2014

Infiniti says it's going to offer a plug-in electric car that you don't have have to plug in. Nissan's luxury brand just became the first to set a date when it is going to offer the next breakthrough in electrics, cordless charging.

Michael Phelps: Swimmer in hot water after Louis Vuitton ad is leaked before end of Olympics

In posing for Louis Vuitton campaign images that surfaced on August 13, 2012, Michael Phelps may be stripped of his medals, four gold and two silver, awarded during the London 2012 Games.