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120,000 children living illegally in the UK ‘need better protection’

An Oxford University study has put the number of children who were living in the UK without legal immigration status in 2011 at around 120,000 – about 0.9 per cent of the total population of children below the age of 18.

How competition Is killing higher education

Competition, we are constantly told, encourages individuals, institutions and companies to take the risks necessary for innovation and efficiency. But in higher education, competition often discourages risk taking, leads to overly cautious short-term decisions, produces a mediocre product for the price, and promotes excessive spending on physical plants and bureaucracies.

Peregrine Falcons breed successfully at University

A pair of Peregrine Falcons nesting at the University of Sheffield has become Yorkshire's first urban breeding pair, thanks to the concerted efforts of staff and volunteers from the University and the Sheffield Bird Study Group.

The radical new Humanities Ph.D.

The warning last year from Russell Berman, who at the time was president of the Modern Language Association, was apocalyptic: If doctoral programs in the humanities do not reduce the time taken to graduate, they will become unaffordable and face extinction.

Does Fair Trade USA’s expansion plan threaten its purpose?

In a move to grow the market for Fair Trade products, the longtime head of Fair Trade USA proposes to allow much bigger coffee growers into the certification -- a move that some say runs contrary to the whole purpose of Fair Trade.