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Declines in Tuition Revenue Leave Many Colleges Financially Squeezed

A new survey of nearly 300 colleges and universities by Moody’s Investors Service shows that about one-third expect their net tuition revenue will either decline outright this year or increase at a rate that fails to keep pace with inflation, a sign of the continued financial pressure they face.

Elite Colleges Struggle To Recruit Smart, Low-Income Kids

Top schools often offer scholarships that not only include free tuition, but also free room and board for top students from poor families. Each year, however, colleges are confronted with a paradox: No matter how many incentives they provide, enrollment of highly talented, low-income student barely seems to budge.

3-D cave lets University of Alabama in Huntsville students ‘see’ all sides of data

One of Superman's interesting minor powers is the ability to stand in mid-air. Instead of just flying by, like a bird, he can hover effortlessly and observe whatever he wishes in a way a bird would have a hard time doing for very long.