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A Fumble on a Key Fafsa Tool, and a Failure to Communicate

Applying for financial aid for college got a lot harder this month, in the thick of application season, but it took federal agencies nearly a week to explain what was happening.

‘Elite’ status all risk, no benefit, for universities, says study

Stripping universities of a marker of elite status hits their reputation and causes them to lose students, but the benefits of conferring it in the first place are negligible, evidence suggests.

Trump Seeks Deep Cuts in Education and Science

Proposals would keep Pell level, but cut work-study and TRIO and eliminate SEOG. In science, president would make massive cuts to NIH and research at Energy Department. And budget formally seeks to kill NEH and AmeriCorps.

In higher ed leadership, lower use of public email accounts

While many towns, counties and school boards across North Carolina provide their elected officials public email accounts, many trustees at the state’s universities and community colleges either don’t have them or don’t use them.