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Berlin EdTech Startup Scolibri Designing LMS Platform With Teachers In Mind

Scolibri, which won a Europas Award for Best Education startup in January, has taken a slow, steady path before it launches its learning management system product this month. We just did a lot of research at schools on why the schools and teachers don't use tools like Moodle, Lore and EdModo, Honig says.

Flipping Your Household By Making A Tech Contract With Your Kids

Psychologist and parent Lynn Schofield Clark did. She writes in the Psychology Today blog that she liked the 18-point contract that a New England mom wrote up for her 13-year-old son, however, as we talked it over in my own family, we felt that, rather than having me as the mom write something up, we wanted to work together on an agreement.

Infographic: The Secret Sauce Of America’s Irreplaceable Teachers

Do you remember a favorite teacher from grade school, who impacted your life? Did he or she unlock the keys to reading or math for you? Here's an infographic that explains why the best teachers are irreplaceable to society, to their schools and their community. The web site BrainTrack organized some of the data on favorite teachers into this useful infographic.

An Ashford University Student Describes Her Frustrations With The School

I kept getting misguided advice from day one with Ashford. They wanted me to start right away, even BEFORE they received my transcripts! I was 4 months into the program when they contacted me about how they were not going accept some core classes from HSU, and have me take more GE classes! I was mortified.

Annie Murphy Paul: Why Confusion Creates New Learning Pathways

Reading a story by the surrealist writer Franz Kafka, or watching a movie by the eccentric filmmaker David Lynch, imposes on us a meaning threat—the uncomfortable feeling that nothing quite makes sense.