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Internationalisation key as Asian challengers bid to reap returns

The steady rise of Asian institutions in the world rankings is an all-too-familiar trend: whether it is institutions in China, South Korea, Singapore or Hong Kong, the movement is clear to see.

Men ‘much more likely to ask questions in seminars’ than women

Men are two and a half times more likely to ask a question in an academic seminar than women, according to a major study that offers further explanation of female under-representation in science.

Universities, companies fight to keep tax-free tuition assistance

Universities and companies are joining forces to lobby Congress to keep a tax provision that allows employers to give staff as much as $5,250 in yearly tax-free tuition help.

Oberlin’s Enrollment Headache Lingers

Oberlin College has been showing signs of strain as leaders of the well-off liberal arts college in Ohio seek to close a multimillion-dollar budget deficit driven by lower-than-expected enrollment this year.