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Is personalization the key to energy efficiency?

Have you ever seen one of those big yellow cards on refrigerators, washing machines and other new appliances? These government-mandated notices indicate about how much energy the average U.S. consumer will save by replacing their older model at home with one of these shiny new things.

Closing Confucius Institutes

The tide may be turning for the Chinese government-funded centers of Chinese language and cultural education as universities grapple with calls from Washington to close the institutes down. Over past year at least 10 have closed or announced plans to close.

Stanford CRs fire back in battle to host Dinesh D’Souza (Update: It worked!)

Stanford University's College Republicans chapter alleges in a constitutional council complaint that the student government violated its constitution by not approving funding to bring a conservative speaker to campus.

2,500+ S.C. students won’t have to repay for-profit school after ‘unfair’ practices

More than 2,500 South Carolina students who attended classes at the for-profit Career Education Corp. won’t have to repay them, according to a settlement between the company and 48 attorneys general throughout the country.

Blowback Against a Hoax

Author of a recent academic scam faces disciplinary action by Portland State, for failing to alert his research review board before hoodwinking journal editors with outrageous articles. Many say he's guilty of bad form, but did he commit misconduct?

Nearly all donations from faculty, admin in Pelosi district went to Dems

A Campus Reform analysis has found that an overwhelming majority of faculty and administrators in House Speaker Nancy Pelosi's congressional district contributed financially to Democrat candidates and causes from 2017-2018. College faculty and adminis