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UC-Berkeley student gov unanimously approves resolution to fund migrant caravan

The University of California-Berkeley student government voted unanimously to pass a resolution in support of giving $1,500 to migrant immigrants at the U.S. southern border.

Minnesota’s tech colleges see surge in skilled-trades training

Kyle Vickerman recalls talking with his boss at Ziegler CAT construction about how he might someday advance in the company. The response was immediate — in a good way.

More boys apply to top universities; but more girls get accepted

The research, which reviewed 21,949 university applications from global IB students during the 2017-18 academic year, also revealed that female applicants are as much as 200% more likely to receive an offer for their chosen university, when compared to their male peers.

Gun advocate shoots down faculty union’s attempt at deterring would-be attackers

A gun advocate shot down the reasoning behind an Oakland University faculty union's decision to purchase and distribute hockey pucks to fight back in the event of an active gunman.