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Why we need to rethink these three climate metaphors

Metaphors are potent tools in political communication, and climate discourse in particular. Grappling with a constant state of information overload, we rely on these cognitive shortcuts to guide all manner of decision making, including who to vote for and which policies to support.

Applying to college amid the Harvard admissions lawsuit

High school seniors across the country have just wrapped up their college applications, and are undoubtedly anxious for decision time this spring. This year, some students worked hard to present themselves a little differently, amid an ongoing suit against Harvard University, which claims Harvard’s admissions policies unfairly discriminate against Asian American applicants.

A closer look at debt among students of color

Four U.S. Senate Democrats — including expected presidential candidate Elizabeth Warren (Massachusetts) — are seeking feedback from more than 100 stakeholders on how to improve federal policies for student borrowers of color and make access to higher education more equitable.