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Amazon’s experimental recipe for food retail

Amazon’s acquisition of Whole Foods Market last year heralds a new era in the food sector. Up to now there’s always been a seeming incompatibility between the food business and Amazon’s traditional business model: People often buy small quantities of fresh products frequently, and they like to be able to see — and feel — the fresh products they are buying.

A major climate boundary in the central U.S. has shifted 140 miles due to global warming

A boundary that divides the humid eastern U.S. and the dry western Plains appears to have shifted 140 miles to the east over the past century due to global warming, new research suggests

U.K. universities face uncertainty as Brexit looms

Nicole Grobert is German, but she has spent almost all of her career in Britain, developing tiny nanomaterials and figuring out how to use them in everything from artificial bones to super-efficient batteries.