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College speaker suggests American colonization was ‘illegal’

A Colorado college celebrated "Indigenous People’s Day" instead of Columbus Day at an event on Monday, inviting a speaker who argued that the colonization of America was illegal.

Four community colleges to launch apprenticeship program in advanced robotics

With a grant from a non-profit robotics manufacturing institute and some additional support from the state, several state community colleges will be launching a two-year apprenticeship program this spring in advanced robotics.

UMich punishes prof who denied Israel recommendation

The University of Michigan punished a professor for going back on his commitment to write a student a recommendation to study in Israel and plans to review its policy pertaining to academic boycotts.

What micro-mobility services really need

Whatever you want to call the rising use of shared bikes, scooters and vehicles — micro-mobility, Mobility-as-a-Service, shared active transportation — the trend isn't just about cool new gadgets, making investors incredibly wealthy or ticking off slow-moving cities