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Donald Trump is twisting himself in knots trying to explain the Trump Tower meeting

On Sunday morning, amid his latest tweetstorm about the ongoing special counsel investigation into Russian interference in the 2016 election, President Donald Trump turned his focus to the now-infamous June 2016 meeting between his top advisers and several Russians.

6 actions that businesses can take across the plastics value chain

Over the last few decades, plastic has made life easier for many of us. It is durable and relatively inexpensive, and in many cases, plastic devices such as IV bags and syringes have saved lives.

How Harvard Can Legally Favor Alumni Children and Athletes

This isn't the first time the university has faced scrutiny over policies that favor white over Asian American students. Comments in the 1980s by admissions officers on alumni children, athletes and Asian Americans may be relevant today.  

Spies in the suburbs: Inside the CIA’s secret defector unit

Years after defecting from Russia and resettling in the US, former KGB officer Alexander Zaporozhsky was lured back to the country he had once betrayed. The CIA warned him not to go.

Electric scooters on collision course with pedestrians and lawmakers

Electric scooters are appearing in many major cities across the country, bringing fun to riders, profits to scooter makers — and lots of potential risks to walkers and riders.