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Smoking Gun on Anti-Asian Bias at Harvard?

Internal reports, released by those suing the university, show use of personality rankings in ways that hurt Asian applicants' chances of admission. Under academic criteria only, their numbers would go way up.

Gaming addiction classified as mental health disorder by WHO

Many parents will have thought it for a long time, but they now have a new argument to limit their children's 'screen time' - addiction to video games has been recognized by World Health Organization as a mental health disorder.

The market for payment for ecosystems services is growing up

Last month, Nature Sustainability published the first global assessment of payment for ecosystem services (PES) programs, led by James Salzman, UCLA Law and UC Santa Barbara Bren School professor, as well as Forest Trends’ Ecosystem Marketplace.

DHS: 2,000 children separated at border

The US government has separated at least 2,000 children from parents at the border since implementing a policy that results in such family separations, the Department of Homeland Security confirmed Friday.

China to create cultural heritage centres in universities

The Chinese government has announced plans to establish 100 “cultural heritage” centres at universities throughout the country that will run academic programmes and conduct scientific research in a bid to promote traditional Chinese culture.