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Beyond biodiversity: A new way of looking at how species interconnect

In a development that has important implications for conservation, scientists are increasingly focusing not just on what species are present in an ecosystem ....

U. of Hawaii email: ‘In the event of a nuclear attack’

An email to all University of Hawaii students and faculty with the subject line "In the event of a nuclear attack" not only caused quite a stir locally, it generated national and international headlines.

The dark side of digitally tracking endangered species

In the arid far-western region of South Africa is a vast flatland covered with white quartzite gravel known as the Knersvlakte — Afrikaans for "Gnashing Plain" — because it sounds like grinding teeth when you walk across it.

Missed out on a Nobel prize? Here’s how to win one

Winning a Nobel prize may seem like an absurdly ambitious goal for most scientists to even contemplate but some researchers will admit to daydreaming about it.