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Universities Try MOOCs in Bid to Lure Successful Students to Online Programs

Since massive open online course exploded into the public consciousness, college presidents have been trying to figure out how to use higher education’s most hyped innovation to deal with one of its greatest challenges ...

Most NCAA Division One Public Colleges Spend More Per Athlete Than They Do To Educate Their Students

The athletic departments of most public colleges and universities competing in National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) Division I sports typically spend three to six times as much per athlete as their institutions spend to educate each of their students

Mormon math: Younger missionaries = less money for Utah colleges

With the new, lower age requirements for LDS Church missionaries, Utah colleges and universities expect to lose hundreds of students this semester and are bracing to lose millions of dollars in future tuition revenues. Anticipating ...

To tackle runoff, cities turn to green initiatives

Urban stormwater runoff is a serious problem, overloading sewage treatment plants and polluting waterways. Now, various U.S. cities are creating innovative green infrastructure — such as rain gardens and roadside plantings — that mimics the way nature collects and cleanses water.