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Tokyo Medical University to accept applicants rejected due to rigging

Tokyo Medical University on Wednesday announced measures to rectify the situation for applicants who were rejected in 2017 and 2018 due to a rigged admissions process.

With Florida midterm recount likely, college admin, faculty could affect results

With a possible Florida midterm recount looming, a Campus Reform analysis found that an overwhelming majority of faculty and administrators at public Florida colleges contributed financially to Democrat candidates and causes from 2017-2018.

LU makes email addresses available to campaigns for a fee as candidates grow increasingly savvy with big data

Liberty University leased an expansive list of university-owned student email addresses to Republican Corey Stewart’s campaign for U.S. Senate in a pair of rare transactions that campaign experts said represents a new front in the growing world of digital electioneering in federal races.

Ties That Bind

American universities' ties with Saudi Arabia -- always controversial -- are coming under more scrutiny. A look at the multimillion-dollar connections between Saudi Arabia and leading American universities -- and the questions being raised about what the Saudis are getting.

Chinese archaeologists discover 2,000-year-old liquor in ancient tomb

Archaeologists in Central China's Henan province on Tuesday poured liquid out of a bronze pot unearthed from a Western Han Dynasty (202 BC to AD 8) tomb into a measuring glass, which gave off an aroma of rich wine.