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Will Trying New Teaching Techniques Tank My Evaluations?

Ask a group of faculty members why they're wary of experimenting with new ways of teaching, and they're likely to assert that trying new things -- especially if they misfire -- can bring down their student evaluation numbers, and in turn hurt their chances for tenure or promotion.

Chinese universities shine in global employability ranking

Chinese universities record strong performance in graduate employment, with 34 universities entering the world's top 500 universities for graduate employability, a latest ranking showed.

Great news for champions of sustainable, ethical behavior

Wherever you live, and wherever you stand on the political spectrum, you probably believe that a significant share of the political elite in your country is irredeemably corrupt and unethical.

Cyber agency puts German universities’ pacifism dilemma in focus

Since 2011, dozens of institutions have sworn not to undertake military-related research, but the country is now calling on academics to strengthen its defences

Probation for For-Profit College Chain

An accreditor places each college of the for-profit Center for Excellence in Higher Education on probation, finding misrepresentations to students and -- at one campus -- discriminatory attitudes toward students.