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A Harvard sorority says it will disband rather than go co-ed in response to university sanctions

Two years ago, Harvard University issued an ultimatum to single-gender student groups. Go co-ed, or forfeit members’ opportunities to hold leadership positions on campus and to win the university’s endorsement for prestigious postgraduate fellowships.

Earth at risk of becoming ‘hothouse’ if tipping point reached, report warns

Scientists are warning that a domino effect will kick if global temperatures rise more than 2°C above pre-industrial levels, leading to "hothouse" conditions and higher sea levels, making some areas on Earth uninhabitable.

Winners and Losers From DeVos Approach

Plan to narrow student loan forgiveness and, reportedly, repeal gainful-employment rule would be a boon to poorly performing colleges -- especially for-profit institutions -- and hurt students, critics say.

A Japanese medical university lowered women’s test scores because it was a “necessary evil”

Tokyo Medical University for years doctored the test scores of female applicants to admit fewer women because school officials believed that once women got married and had children they would be unable to fulfill their emergency shifts at hospitals.