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VSU grad eases financial burden on students with textbook scholarships

When Kimberley Martin attended college at Virginia State University, she was able to take out student loans to cover the majority of her costs, but every semester, Martin and her family would have to work out how they’d pay for the added expense of textbooks.

Crafting your sustainability resume for success in 2019

Are you ready for a new position in 2019? While it often takes effort and sacrifice, each initiative your team develops and sustainability goal you help achieve while serving on a sustainability team could be the stepping stone to your next professional move.

DeVos outlines ‘rethinking’ of Higher Education

Secretary and Education Department officials today outline plans for looming accreditation reform negotiation, describing focus on credit transfer and credential inflation.

Improving (China’s) public’s science literacy ‘a huge challenge’

The popularization of science in China has seen positive developments in the last year, but more policies, money and media support are necessary to improve scientific literacy