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Bringing the power of plastic recycling to the people

In a world awash with plastic trash, the complexity and cost of recycling plastic on an industrial scale remain a challenge, but one innovative enterprise wants to put the power to recycle in the hands of communities.

Meet the high-school students who are taking college courses: ‘Most of us here either want to be a doctor or an engineer’

The soothing melodies of Norah Jones wafting through a dim lit room, musings about a future as a therapist, engineer or founder of a health-care empire — these are some of the sights and sounds one might expect to find in a coffee shop or dorm room at a small liberal-arts college.

Does your admissions team know how adult learners approach their college search?

EAB research points to how adult student prospects are gathering information about programs and what their key decision criteria are, with admissions recruitment takeaways for colleges and universities.