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Tourism de force: Why sustainable travel is the future

Going on vacation? Traveling is a notoriously high emission activity. From jet fuel in flights to the excessive water use in hotels, tourism has a massive footprint on the world. Luckily, the sustainable tourism movement is growing.

Anti-Kavanaugh protest postponed ‘in recognition of Indigenous People’s Day’

An anti-Justice Brett Kavanaugh protest at Scripps College in California was postponed after student organizers realized the event was scheduled on Columbus Day or "Indigenous People's Day."

Superstar professors’ post-REF earnings surge revealed

Well-paid professors who led their departments to success in the 2014 research excellence framework won higher salaries and will be even more valued in 2021, say researchers

How a Maine small college is cashing in on ‘guarantee games’

It is a routine practice in college athletics for higher-level athletic programs, especially in football and men’s basketball, to pay teams from smaller schools to go play them on their home turf.