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Climate change had political, human impact on ancient Maya

The role of climate change in the development and demise of classic Maya civilization, ranging from AD 300 to 1000, has been controversial for decades because of a lack of well-dated climate and archaeological evidence.

U.S. urged to step up research linking climate change to National Security

Intelligence agencies should take more seriously the implications of global warming, such as by doing more research on the likelihood of social upheaval, a report says.

Plants’ fungi allies may not help store climate change’s extra carbon

Fungi found in plants may not be the answer to mitigating climate change by storing additional carbon in soils as some previously thought, according to an international team of plant biologists.

Cutting fuel subsidies key to sustainable development

Eliminating fossil fuel subsidies – and using some of the savings to help the poorest cope with rising energy prices – could curb climate change and energy waste, cut government costs and reduce social inequality, a report on sustainable development suggests.