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Private colleges, universities working to change the stigma of tuition price

In an effort to help prospective students physically step onto Virginia private school campuses, the Council of Independent Colleges in Virginia has held its annual Virginia Private College Week since the mid-1990s.

Can climate change be made simple enough to solve?

I've been fascinated and more than a little perplexed by a statistic from Suzanne Shelton, whose well-regarded marketing firm has helped shape the agenda for companies speaking up on sustainability issues.

700+ faculty surveyed on textbook costs and adoption incentives

FlatWorld, a publisher of award-winning college learning materials that are both affordable and high quality, today announced the results from its second annual survey of university faculty members’ attitudes towards textbook costs.

Cities organize in the face of scooter data controversy

It seems fitting that e-scooters — which have generated both hatred and adoration since the moment they appeared in cities such as Santa Monica, California — have become the battleground for a debate over how data is collected and used by cities and private mobility companies.