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How to create a ripple effect from your sustainability team

The book highlights the Green Wisdom shared by the Sustainability Team leaders from some of the most innovative brands — how their teams originated, how they embed their work into the corporate business model, how they re-inspire members when momentum decreases, and the best practices they use to promote team unity.

The Search for a Moderate Solution to Debt Relief

The student debt relief plans from Democratic presidential contenders Kamala Harris and Pete Buttigieg offer targeted loan forgiveness, drawing contrast with Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren.

‘Nudging’ students to college matriculation

While cell phones in the classroom can detract from student learning, one school program is taking advantage of the fact that a generation of digital natives can’t stay off their phones.

College-educated whites more likely to say Trump is racist than non-college educated ones

A new study shows that white college graduates are more likely to believe that President Donald Trump’s immigration policies are motivated by racist beliefs than are those without a college degree.