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Climate change had political, human impact on ancient Maya

The role of climate change in the development and demise of classic Maya civilization, ranging from AD 300 to 1000, has been controversial for decades because of a lack of well-dated climate and archaeological evidence.

U.S. urged to step up research linking climate change to National Security

Intelligence agencies should take more seriously the implications of global warming, such as by doing more research on the likelihood of social upheaval, a report says.

Giving digital preservation a backbone

Libraries used to be the main stewards of the cultural and scientific record. But in the era of digital storage “cloud computing,” the institutions best-positioned to manage vast quantities of data are often companies such as Google and Elsevier.

Forget the Kyoto Accord and Tax Carbon consumption

Given the failure of international climate negotiations, a tax on carbon consumption is the most effective way of lowering CO2 emissions. If nations are serious about addressing climate change, then they must pay for the carbon pollution caused by what they consume.

New site seeks to “professionalise” homestay sector

A new software platform that seeks to simplify homestay bookings for language schools worldwide, while increasing service and safety for students, could “professionalise” the largely unregulated homestay industry, its owners claim.