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Top Higher Ed Debate in 2019? Big Solutions for Borrowers

Previously relegated to the political fringes, calls for broad student debt cancellation are now being taken seriously -- a sign of how new energy is being devoted to challenges for current student borrowers.

U.S. says $168 million ITT for-profit student loans to be forgiven

Former students at ITT Technical Institute will not have to pay $168 million they still owe on private loans from an affiliated lender to attend the now-defunct for-profit college, under a U.S. regulatory settlement announced on Friday.

How Much Do Millionaires Pay to Get Their Kids Into College?

Poll finds that most say they spend less than $1,000. But even as some think that figure is too low, findings also show 20 percent of millionaires under 55 spent more than $50,000.

The Army launches plan to give college credit for training soldiers are already doing

If all goes according to plan, in the next few years, soldiers with pre-enlistment college credit or using Army tuition assistance funds to pursue degrees will be able to count their time in professional military education courses as credit hours toward higher education.