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The radical new Humanities Ph.D.

The warning last year from Russell Berman, who at the time was president of the Modern Language Association, was apocalyptic: If doctoral programs in the humanities do not reduce the time taken to graduate, they will become unaffordable and face extinction.

Does Fair Trade USA’s expansion plan threaten its purpose?

In a move to grow the market for Fair Trade products, the longtime head of Fair Trade USA proposes to allow much bigger coffee growers into the certification -- a move that some say runs contrary to the whole purpose of Fair Trade.

The organic farming debate is about more than just yields

As demand for food increases on a planet with limited resources,organic foods' low yields are an issue. But there are other benefits to consider -- along with some possibilities for addressing yield concerns.    

Court ruling in landmark e-reserve leaves unanswered questions

As librarians and lawyers continue to pore over the 350 pages of a long-awaited federal court decision involving copyright claims levied against Georgia State University’s library by academic publishers, one thing everybody seems to agree on is that, all things considered, the university “won.”