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New ranking system rates ‘best’ countries not universities

A novel system of ranking 48 countries and territories said to be the ‘best’ at providing higher education was published on Friday by Universitas 21, the 15-year-old global network of 23 research-intensive universities.

A neo-literate’s fight to ensure right to education for poor

When a section of society's elite and educated are apprehensive of the necessity of Right to Education Act (RTE), a 58-year-old, who has never been to school, is pitching in his mite to take its benefits to poor children.

Melting sea ice could lead to pressure on Arctic fishery

With melting sea ice opening up previously inaccessible parts of the Arctic Ocean, the fishing industry sees a potential bonanza. But some scientists and government officials have begun calling for a moratorium on fishing in the region until the true state of the Arctic fishery is assessed.