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Swiss Paradox

When England’s highly successful football (soccer) clubs were subjected to a five-year ban from European football competitions starting in 1985, the damage to their international competitiveness arguably lasted for at least another decade.

Our Powers Combined

In the face of mounting financial challenges, some small colleges are hoping that -- together -- they can be as innovative in the online education space as the big guys.

When MOOC Profs Move

When faculty members move from one institution to the next, so do their courses, but after having spent hundreds of thousands of dollars to prepare those courses to a massive audience, are universities entitled to a share of the rights?

China publishes list of 10,000 foreign institutions

The Ministry of Education in China has published a list of over 10,000 authorised foreign educational institutions in a bid to make students more aware of unauthorised overseas universities, as a survey shows wealthy Chinese parents are continuing to invest in overseas education.