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Three-year degree programs may be easier to implement than you think

The University of Minnesota Morris is excited to share with potential students that they could potentially save $20,000 on tuition costs for a bachelor’s degree, which may appease a public and federal government pushing for a more affordable higher education. The fix? It’s scraping an entire year off a student’s academic calendar with its Degree in Three programs. Read more

Lawmakers, donors disagreed on DEI in 2023. Now, there’s fallout

The spring semester was a time of great adjustment for colleges and universities in Texas as state schools were forced to disband any office related to diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI), thanks to a bill signed by Gov. Greg Abbott back in June. While the GOP-led movement to disband DEI offices has caught fire across the country, school donations in 2023 suggest a rift between lawmakers’ wishes and the community’s. Read more