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Indian ashram turns to clean energy in sustainability push

The ashram is a clean and tranquil place where natural resources are utilised in a sustainable manner and both administrators and beneficiaries try to incorporate the concept of sustainability into their lifestyles.

Besieged by climate deniers, a scientist decides to fight back

Climate scientist Michael Mann, who has faced years of attacks from climate-change skeptics, explains why he believes bad-faith assaults on science have no place in a functioning democracy and why the truth about global warming will inevitably gain wide acceptance.

USC hopes slayings won’t hurt international enrollment

For the last decade USC has enrolled the largest number of international students of any college in the country: 8,615 last year. The Los Angeles university worked hard to achieve that — recruiting students from China, India and South Korea, among 100 countries in all, and providing services for the foreign students once they get here.

London Met v-c urged to apologise for alcohol comments

The president of London Metropolitan University students’ union has called for the vice-chancellor to apologise after he suggested the sale of alcohol should be banned from parts of the campus because some Muslim students believed drinking was “immoral”.

10 Egyptian presidential hopefuls barred from race

Egypt's election commission disqualified 10 presidential hopefuls, including the country's ex-spy chief and key Islamists, from running in a surprise decision that threatened to upend the already tumultuous race.

Cutting fuel subsidies key to sustainable development

Eliminating fossil fuel subsidies – and using some of the savings to help the poorest cope with rising energy prices – could curb climate change and energy waste, cut government costs and reduce social inequality, a report on sustainable development suggests.