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Few college-bound students use Iowa’s $290,000 application tool

In the name of efficiency, Iowa’s Board of Regents spent $290,000 on a project to help prospective students submit just one application to be considered at all three of the state’s public universities, but few have used it — including just 66 for this fall’s semester.

Many college students are too poor to eat

A recent federal watchdog report about the breadth of food insecurity on America’s college campuses came with a caveat: “Nationally representative survey data that would support direct estimates of the prevalence of food insecurity among college students do not exist,” the Government Accountability Office wrote in the report to lawmakers.

Columbia offers illegal immigrant students free legal help, ‘stress management’

Columbia University has taken a stance against President Donald Trump’s immigration enforcement by promoting several resources to assist “undocumented” students in avoiding deportation and in their day-to-day lives.

Court dismisses lawsuit filed by student hit by vehicle during anti-Trump freeway protest

A judge has tossed out a personal injury lawsuit filed by a young woman who sued UC San Diego and others after she was hit by a vehicle as she protested the election of Donald Trump in the middle of a busy San Diego freeway.