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The climate risk juggernaut

Attentive readers — all of you, I’m certain — will note that over the past few months we’ve been ramping up our coverage of the financial side of corporate sustainability — things such as environmental, social and governance (ESG) issues and reporting under the guidelines of the Task Force on Climate-Related Financial Disclosures (TCFD).

Why we need to rethink these three climate metaphors

Metaphors are potent tools in political communication, and climate discourse in particular. Grappling with a constant state of information overload, we rely on these cognitive shortcuts to guide all manner of decision making, including who to vote for and which policies to support.

Is personalization the key to energy efficiency?

Have you ever seen one of those big yellow cards on refrigerators, washing machines and other new appliances? These government-mandated notices indicate about how much energy the average U.S. consumer will save by replacing their older model at home with one of these shiny new things.

Here’s why climate policies don’t really kill jobs

Climate change will hammer the U.S. economy unless there’s swift action to rein in greenhouse gas emissions from burning fossil fuels, according to the latest National Climate Assessment report.

The ‘Green New Deal’, carbon pricing and other policies that could shape 2019

As the threat that climate change poses to civilization becomes clearer, more voices across the political spectrum call for governmental action to slow average global temperature increases and adapt to the impact on natural and human-made infrastructure.