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Bringing the power of plastic recycling to the people

In a world awash with plastic trash, the complexity and cost of recycling plastic on an industrial scale remain a challenge, but one innovative enterprise wants to put the power to recycle in the hands of communities.

Turning methane into carbon dioxide could help us fight climate change

Discussions on how to address climate change have focused, very appropriately, on reducing greenhouse gas emissions, particularly those of carbon dioxide, the major contributor to climate change and a long-lived greenhouse gas. Reducing emissions should remain the paramount climate goal.

What’s the (right) word on climate change?

I’m a word guy, if you hadn’t noticed. I love learning new words, turning old ones inside-out to use them in new ways — and, of course, engaging in wordplay, from puns to double entendres to other forms of linguistic gymnastics.

Cleaning up the carbon footprint of that Amazon Prime purchase

You know those recently-delivered boxes stacked up near your front door? They're more than piling up — they're shifting the tectonic plates beneath long-established shipping, logistics and last-mile delivery networks.

Scientists have declared a biodiversity crisis — here’s what that means for business

It's not often that environmental news even gets close to trumping the arrival of a royal baby. But fresh in the wake of Extinction Rebellion protests, the declaration of a "climate emergency," the publication of the Committee on Climate Change's Net Zero report and a surge in electoral support for the Green Party, some news outlets grasped which way the wind is blowing.

Is an ‘insect apocalypse’ actually happening?

Insects scuttle, chew and fly through the world around us. Humans rely on them to pollinate plants, prey on insects that we don’t get along with, and to be movers and shakers for Earth’s ecosystems. It’s hard to imagine a world without insects.