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Md. just outlawed scholarship displacement

The state of Maryland passed a law this week banning public schools from "scholarship displacement," a practice in which schools reduce financial aid packages of students who receive scholarships from sources other than the school.

Market competition and mass participation ‘reduces diversity’

Increased market competition and the growth in participation in higher education has led to “imitation” behaviour and the narrowing of university missions around the world

Could Google become God?

What links the record $2.74 billion EU fine imposed on Google for abusing its market dominance, the firm’s relationships with DeepMind and Planet Labs, a study on the health of the world’s pollinators and an out-of-the-blue wasp sting?

U. of Miss. to implement plan to put ‘past into context’

The University of Mississippi announced today plans to add plaques to various sites on its Oxford campus and rename one building, all with the goal of offering more history and "putting the past into context."