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More British international schools look to second-tier Chinese cities

An increasing number of British schools are planning to set up campuses in second-tier cities in China, as the country's middle class expands and parents attach greater importance to their children's education.

The world’s biggest electric vehicle company you’ve never heard of

A few months after Macy Neshati, a heavy-duty vehicle industry vet, joined the U.S. division of Chinese electric vehicle maker BYD, a senior executive of BYD’s investor Berkshire Hathaway predicted his future.

Xi Jinping opens Chinese research funding up to Hong Kong

China’s president, Xi Jinping, has moved to make it easier for Hong Kong scientists to access generous research funding from the mainland government, with the aim of making the region an international centre for innovation in technology.

Violate Your Student Visa? You’re Not Welcome Here.

Proposed policy memo would change the way in which international students are found to accrue "unlawful presence," a determination that could lead to them being barred from the U.S. for three to 10 years.