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Yale has made its most popular class available online for free

It's a privileged few who get the chance to study at a top Ivy League university like Yale. Its esteemed alumni include Bill and Hillary Clinton, George Bush Snr (and Jnr), actors Meryl Streep and Jodie Foster, CNN anchor Anderson Cooper, PepsiCo CEO Indra Nooyi, and the first female head of the Federal Reserve Janet Yellen, to name just a handful.

Pittsburgh police ordered to bring riot gear in case Trump fires Mueller

Pittsburgh police ordered its detectives to bring riot gear to work Thursday in anticipation of protests should President Donald Trump fire Special Counsel Robert Mueller

Just say ‘no’ to stock messages: Here are 10 principles for sustainability that sells

We’ve always suspected that how information about sustainability is visualized doesn’t actually engage most audiences, reducing the effectiveness of communications. While carrying out our new research, "How to design sustainability that sells," we realized that the problem was worse than expected.

Bill paves way for London colleges to gain university status

Twelve member institutions of the University of London, including UCL and King’s College London, are planning to apply for university status in their own right, subject to a bill on the federal institution completing its passage through the UK’s Parliament.

Trump, contradicting his own words, denies firing Comey over Russia probe

President Donald Trump said Wednesday that former FBI Director James Comey was not fired because of the Russia investigation -- a statement directly at odds with the President's own comments on Comey's dismissal.