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University of Miami shuns links with Cuba under local pressure

The thaw in relations between the US and Cuba under President Barack Obama has led many universities in both countries to seek new academic partnerships, and this has continued despite the more hostile climate created by the Trump administration.

Intel chief sheds light on ‘beautiful letter’ Trump says he wrote him

When former Director of National Intelligence James Clapper questioned President Donald Trump's "fitness to be in this office" after the President's wild speech in Phoenix Tuesday night, it was likely only a matter of time before the President aimed his Twitter ire at the retired general.

Department Lays Out Options for Charlotte Students

As Charlotte School of Law officially announces it will shut down, the Department of Education sets out potential options for former students. Those who withdrew from the troubled program before the spring will face a tougher path to discharging federal student loans.

UC Irvine to readmit admission offers withdrawn for transcript problems

UC Irvine, under fire for rescinding nearly 500 admission offers, announced Wednesday that it would readmit all students who maintained good senior-year grades but whose acceptances were revoked because of alleged paperwork problems, such as missing deadlines to submit transcripts.