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Don’t be distracted from equality challenges, universities told

Universities must address continuing inequalities in global academia before fully shifting their attention to meeting the challenges posed by rapid technological change, a conference has heard.

Predatory colleges, freed to fleece students

Try as they might, the Trump administration and Republicans in Congress cannot disguise that they continue to do the bidding of the for-profit college industry, which has saddled working-class students — including veterans — with crushing debt while providing useless degrees, or no degrees at all.

Stark gender gap in earnings after postgraduate study

Data on postgraduate employment and earnings released by the UK’s Department for Education show that the median salary for men five years after graduation is higher than for women in nearly all reported subject areas.

High textbook costs sending college students elsewhere during studies

Dylan Miller spent $495 on college textbooks at the University of Northern Iowa — $167.50 for a linear algebra textbook alone — this spring semester. He might have used the books once a month, perhaps.

Fresh anger over UK visa regime as scholar forced to leave Oxford

Fresh calls have been made for a systematic review of the UK’s visa application process for foreign researchers and their families after one of the University of Oxford’s “brightest” new recruits was forced to leave her post and return to China.