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How to make a success of crowdfunding your next book

Although the term made it into dictionaries only in 2014, crowdfunding is big business. In 2013, more than $5 billion (£3.5 billion) was raised worldwide, with millions of people pitching in to fund everything from video games to drones.

Tennessee passes bill to stop funding university diversity office

Last week, both the Tennessee House of Representatives and Senate passed a bill to cut the entire $436,000 (£301,000) state appropriation for an office at the University of Tennessee at Knoxville that promotes diversity at the state's flagship university.

Department of Education nudges college accreditors to get tougher

The Department of Education is calling on accreditation agencies to step up their review of colleges and universities, just as lawmakers are calling on the department to strengthen its review of accreditors.

Climate change adds urgency to push to save world’s seeds

In the face of rising temperatures and worsening drought, the world’s repositories of agricultural seeds may hold the key to growing food under increasingly harsh conditions.

How would Trump remove 11 million people from the US?

Lost in the most consistently astonishing US presidential campaign since the 1864 Democrats ran on a platform of conceding the Civil War, is a disturbing question that seems to bring into doubt the very premise of the American experiment.