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State audit: UC lowered admission standards for out-of-state students

As high school seniors endure the grueling springtime ritual of college admission decisions, the state auditor on Tuesday released a report affirming the frustrations of many California families:

UMd. won’t give up study documents until review is complete

University of Maryland says it will not release records related to a study linking a specialty chocolate milk to faster concussion recovery until an internal board has completed a review of the issue ...

Professor ‘must apologise over blog post to keep job’

A year ago, Marquette University in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, moved to revoke the tenure of and fire a controversial professor for statements he made about a graduate instructor, with her name, on his blog.

Louisville students could get up to $5K for college

About 90 kindergartners and first-graders at Portland Elementary could graduate high school with as much as $5,000 to put toward higher education, thanks to a new college fund announced Monday.