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This startup is pitching a 1-year alternative to college for zero money down

Adam Braun recently performed a task that was pure pleasure. He personally called every applicant accepted by his startup school, MissionU, to deliver the good news: "You're in!"

3 barriers holding equitable cities back

In the grand scheme of pressing issues facing residents of U.S. cities — scarce affordable housing, high health care costs, anxiety about immigration status or racial tension, to name a few — warnings about the long-term consequences of climate change can, understandably, take a back seat.

Eyes on nature: How satellite imagery is transforming conservation science

High-resolution earth imagery has provided ecologists and conservationists with a dynamic new tool that is enabling everything from more accurate counting of wildlife populations to rapid detection of deforestation, illegal mining, and other changes in the landscape.

Senate hearing examines free speech on college campuses

U.S. senators focused Tuesday on the issues surrounding free speech on college campuses, as some expressed concerns that voices have been suppressed because they have been deemed offensive ....

Now and Then China: Graduates’ college life and days after graduation

Combo photo shows the college graduation picture of Zhang Yu in 2008 (L) and Zhang posing at his own bar in Taiyuan, capital of North China's Shanxi province, June 8, 2017.