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CNY private college leaders pan N.Y. tuition-free program

When Le Moyne College President Linda LeMura first learned of Gov. Andrew Cuomo's proposal to provide free tuition at New York's public colleges and universities, she thought it would be an opportunity for the state to strengthen the partnership between public and private schools.

Alaska Senate cuts scholarships, financial aid to create ‘innovation’ grants

The Alaska Senate on Wednesday reduced the Alaska Performance Scholarship and eliminated a needs-based financial aid program, creating in their place "innovation" grants for public schools.

How to communicate the urgency of climate change

"Climate change isn’t stopping with the second season," said Jon Meyersohn, co-executive producer of the Emmy-award winning National Geographic series "Years of Living Dangerously," on why he hopes the series extends to a third season.

Fla. House votes to make secret the applicants for top college, university posts

Floridians would have no way to know everyone who applies to be the next president or other top administrator of a public college or university, under a proposed exemption in the state’s public records law that passed the House