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On blockchain bluster and beliefs

My fascination with blockchain technology is somewhat of an inside joke at GreenBiz. I certainly have spent plenty of time trying to sort through its disruptive role in energy markets and its potential to improve traceability across the food supply chain.

1 in 3 college-bound high school graduates don’t make it there

As many as one-third of high-school graduates apply to college, are accepted and plan to enroll, but don't end up in class or enrolled in a post-secondary education program.

How is AI used in education

While the debate regarding how much screen time is appropriate for children rages on among educators, psychologists, and parents, it’s another emerging technology in the form of artificial intelligence and machine learning that is beginning to alter education tools and institutions and changing what the future might look like in education.

DeVos rule would cut billions in student loan relief

Education Department proposes regulatory overhaul that would make loan forgiveness less likely for defrauded borrowers. Majority of outstanding loan claims were filed by former for-profit college students.